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Topeng Kaca 22 Deluxe
Kungfu Boy 10 (Premium)
Here is Greenwood 05 (Deluxe)
Slam Dunk Deluxe 05
Creating Destiny 01
Aoba Bicycle Shop 03
Eyes for Photography 01
Here We Are 15
Lum, The Invader Girl 33
Magical Iroha 02
Mixim 11 Vol. 08
Ouran High School Host Club 10
Rinne 07
School Rumble 14
The Best Skilled Surgeon 06
Tokkyu! 16
Vampire Knight 08
Waikiki Restaurant in Enoshima 01
Yakitate Japan 26
Erementar Gerad 4
My Kingdom 5
Psychic Detective Yakumo : Alternate
Story 1
Man Hwa
Gamaran 4
Idol’s Love Story 12
Crazy Girl Shin Bia 10
Goong [Palace Story] 24
Long Hu Men – Next Battle 6
Don’t Fall Before Bloom 1 (Terbit Ulang)
Don’t Fall Before Bloom 2 (Terbit Ulang)
Dream Kirakiraido (Terbit Ulang)
Don’t Let Me awake if It Isn’t a Dream
(Terbit Ulang)
Fun Fan Princess (Terbit Ulang)
My Medicine (Terbit Ulang)
Level Comic
LC: A Spirit of the Sun 14
LC: Devil Devil 09
LC: Gun Smith Cats Burst 04
LC: Magister Negi Magi 30
LC: Ranko the Governor 03
LC: Haruka 17 Vol. 16
LC: Over Rev 22
LC: The Black Swindler 16
LC: Spirou-Tembo Tabou
LC: Agatha Christie-Murder on the Orient Express

Manga magazine
Shonen Star 04/2012

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