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Detektif Conan 66
Kungfu Boy 11 (Premium)
New Kobochan 16
Alice Academy 17
Faster Than A Kiss 03
Ghost Doctor 09
Kekkaishi 13
Kojiro 07
Rockman the Shooting Star 01
Tale of Sea King 42
The Knight in the Area 04
The Ruler of Nabari 14
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle 19
Wild Life 22
Yozakura Quartet 04
Born To Cook 11

Namida Usagi-Tears of First Love- 6

Man Hwa
Full House Love Continues 5
Secret 10 (Tamat)
Pedang MahaDewa – Future 6

Level Comics
LC: Ami Non Stop 01
LC: Bloody Monday 08
LC: Brave Story 08
LC: Bronze Angel 07
LC: Ceres 05
LC: Dark Edge 04
LC: Drug-On 01
LC: Last Inning 12
LC: X Blade 10
LC: Rantanplan – Pembawa Pesan
LC: Lanfeust of Troy – Permaisuri Cixi

Majalah Shonen Magz 02 Thn 2012

Jadwal bisa berubah sewaktu-waktu…..

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