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Kekkaishi 14
Otoboke Section Chief 19 (mundur dari 4 Apr)
Divine Puzzle 01 (mundur dari 21 Mar)
Crayon Shinchan 11
Kariage Kun 49
A Tale of The Cat Painter 03
Black Butler 13
Godhand Teru 36
Hero Tales 05
My First Mr. Akuno 8
Pandora Hearts 16
Skip Beat 21
The Future of Iris 02
Psychic Detective Yakumo : Alternate Story 2
Let’s Share Our Secret
Crazy Girl Shin Bia 12
A Dream Comes True
Love is Blind
Triangle Love
Postman to Heaven

Level Comics
LC: Airgear 28
LC: Ceres 06
LC: Moon 04
LC: RRR 08
LC: Boule & Bill-Awas Anjing Lucu!
LC: Marsupilami-Kupu-Kupu Hutan
LC: Lanfeust of Troy-Petaur Menghindari Kematian
LC: Smurf- Astrosmurf

Majalah Shonen
Majalah Shonen Magz 04 Thn 2012
Majalah Shonen Star 06/2012

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