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One Piece 59
New Kobochan 08
Her Idol Boy 01
Natsume Yujincho 01
Doraemon 10 (Terbit Ulang)
Godhand Teru 33
Vampire Knight 07
Casting 02
Crows 19
Inazuma Eleven 04
Mixim 11 03
Princess Resurrection 03
Smash! 03
Culdcept 06
Blooming Youth 04
Hitohira 05
Kisah Edo di Abad 21 V 03
SL: Geng Bokek
Vinland Saga 05
A Story of Heroes 37
Cute Children 17

Majalah Nakayoshi 07 Th. 2011
Majalah Shonen Star 13/2011

LC: Magister Negi Magi 26
LC: Kowloons Seekers 02
LC: Karakuri Circus 03
LC: Lost Man 03
LC: Bronze Angel 04
LC: Blade of Immortal 17
LC: Hotarus Light 12
LC: Haruka 17 12
LC: The Ravages of Time 11

Kategori : Komik m&c
Shanaou Yoshitsune Genpei War 14
My Life 4

Cherry 55

The Story of Wang Fenglei II No. 02
Long Hu Men – Next Level 5

My Fragile Love 1
My Fragile Love 2
My Fragile Love 3
Shanaou Yoshitsune 17
Shanaou Yoshitsune 18
Shanaou Yoshitsune 19
Shanaou Yoshitsune 20
Shanaou Yoshitsune 21
Shanaou Yoshitsune 22
Cherist Fight
My Cheerful Boyfriend
Sweet Black
Triple Honey
March Our Heart Together
Miracle Ice Angel
My Cinderella
Mysterious Thief Milky Drop
Teenage Days


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