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Naruto 51

Crayon Shinchan 05
Yotsubato 10
Alice Academy 15
Crows 17
Mokke 01
Pirates & the Mermaid 02
Sanzoku Ou-King of Bandits 13
Shade 03
With My Brothers 11
Wild Life 15

Aoizaka Baseball Club 18
Magical X Miracle 04
Golden Age 14
Shanaou Yoshitsune Genpei War 11
Out Code 01
My Life 01
Secret 06
My Own Princess 01
Garudayana 03
Love Blooms
Goodbye but I Love You
My Cheerful Boyfriend
When Love is Growing
Falling into You Like A Magic
Ijime Escape from Hell on Earth
Love Remedy
Misunderstand Girl and Angry Prince
Princess Love Secret
Sweet Black
Welcome to Lovers Café Marina
Prince Romantica
Triple Honey
Devil Boyfriend
Mint Na Bokuro ( We are Twins) 01
Mint Na Bokuro ( We are Twins) 02
Mint Na Bokuro ( We are Twins) 03
Mint Na Bokuro ( We are Twins) 04
Mint Na Bokuro ( We are Twins) 05
Mint Na Bokuro ( We are Twins) 06

LC: A Spirit of The Sun 09
LC: Airgear 21
LC: Black Lagoon 07
LC: Cruise 02
LC: Dolls of God 02
LC: Jepang Tenggelam 12
LC: Perfect Girl Evolution 23
LC: Sky of Love 04
LC: Over Rev 18
LC: Angel Heart 06
LC: Yakari dan Si Paus Putih
LC: Smurf – Mimpi Aneh Smurf Pemalas
LC: Lucky Luke – Nitroglicerin

Shonen Magz No. 4 Th. 2011
Nakayoshi Lovely 10


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