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Kategori : KOMIK

Paket One Piece 41 – 50
Paket Eyeshield 21 21 – 30
Paket Eyeshield 21 31 – 37
New Kobochan 1 (terbit ulang)
New Kobochan 2 (terbit ulang)
New Kobochan 3 (terbit ulang)
New Kobochan 4 (terbit ulang)
Topeng Kaca 10 Deluxe
Detective Conan Seri Animasi TV 25
Halleluja Overdrive 02
Artist Acro 07
Dodge Fighters 04
Spiral the Bonds of Reason 12
My First Mr. Akuno 04

Majalah Shonen Star 07/2011

Kategori : LEVEL KOMIK
LC: Love Affair 08
LC: Blade of Immortal 15
LC: Miso-Com 07
LC: Half an Apple 09

ROMIC – euROpean coMIC
LC: Boule & Bill – Terserah Bill, deh!

Kategori : Komik m&c
Jun x Sensation 4
My Sweet Kaicho 11
Beauty Pop 9
Kiss and Harmony
Love Love Nurse
The Ring of God
Yowamushi Pedal, Go 10

Female Wolf’s Boy 15
Perfect Love Project 1

Garudaboi 3

If Only a Dream
1/3 Romantica
37 C Boyfriend
Family Game
Finding My Destiny
Full of Shunshine
Gift Under The Rainbow
Girlish Season
I Wish I Could Fly1
I Wish I Could Fly2
I Wish I Could Fly3  (end)
Love Under The Blue Sky
My Boy x My Love
My Summer Love
Princess Love Secret
Rokka-chan’s Love
Salon for a Broken Heart
Say Yes
Teenage Days
Telepathy Pierce

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