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Culdcept 03
Ciuman Dewa 04
Defense Devil 03
Demon King 33
Doraemon 05 ( Terbit Ulang )
Ghost Doctor 03
I Hate You More Than Anyone 06
Inazuma Eleven 02
Mask Rider 14
Mystery Bride 02
Skip Beat 19
Vinland Saga 02

Sugar Family 6
Gunslinger Girls 12
My Sweet Home 6
Idol Love Story 1
Ugly Duckling Become Swan 10
Sandwich Girl 7
Say Say Say 1
Crab Kiss 1
Lead My Future
Little Beans In Love
Love Strategy
March Our Heart Together
Miracle Ice Angel
My Cinderella
Mysterious Thief Milky Drop
Ninja & The Crescent Moon Princess
Psychic Detective Yakumo 1
Psychic Detective Yakumo 2
Red Devil of Onigawara Yokocho 1
Red Devil of Onigawara Yokocho 2
Rokka-chan Love Another Story
She’s Kids
Since I Met You
Sweet-Sweet Darling
Touch of Emptiness
Twinkle Cherry
When Love is Hiding
When you look like an angel ( Re STO )

LC: Bloody Monday 03
LC: Chocolat 06
LC: Devil-Devil 01
LC: Giant Killing 02
LC: GTO 02
LC: Jio 14
LC: Red River 06
LC: RRR 01
LC: 3×3 Eyes 38
LC: Cherry 03
LC: X Blade 02
LC: Lucky Luke -Alibi
LC: Michel Vaillant – Pengkhianatan Steve Warson


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