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Kategori : KOMIK ELEX
Demonic Detective Neuro 01
The Scarlet Chair 01
Yumeiro Patissiere 01
Kungfu Boy Legends 14
Fairy Tail 18
Magi 03
The Wild Rose Bride 02
The Knight in the Area 20
World Embryo 05
Arata 08
D-Live! 06
Faster Than A Kiss  07
Mr. Ermine 06
Twinkle Stars 09
Vinland Saga 08

Kategori : LEVEL KOMIK

LC: I am a Hero 04
LC: Waltz 04
LC: Zipang 21
LC: Restore Garage 14
LC: Birdy The Mighty 12

Kategori : KOMIK M&C

Chocolate Magic: Honey Blood
Flowery Love
Love Peak
Love Story with You
After School With Prince
Mysterious You 01
Caramel Kiss 4
49 Precious Days
Chibi Fairy 06

Cutie Boy 02

Long Hu Men – The Vengeance Continues 03

Love Samurai
Children of Heaven
Ninja Girl
Devil’s Puzzle
Glasses Boys’ Apartment
Secret of the 7th Lesson
Duet with the Devil
My Aquamarine
Terima Kasih, Mama

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