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Kategori : KOMIK ELEX
New Legenda Naga 10
Crayon Shinchan 22
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle 25
Skip Beat! 28
Cat God 03
Piece 02
A town Where You Live 07
Arata 06
V.B.Rose 13
Apollon on the Slope 05
Chunchu 08
Over Drive 10
Princess Resurrection 08
The Secret Health Room 03

Kategori : LEVEL KOMIK
LC: New Black Swindler 08
LC: Angel Heart 13
LC: Brave Story 13
LC: Kyoko Karasumas Case Files 09
LC: Over Rev 25
LC: Until Death Do Us Part 17

ROMIC – euROpean coMIC
LC: Johan & Pirlouit – Panah Hitam

Kategori : KOMIK M&C
Love After Loose Leaf
It’s because I Love You 01
Princess Gal Paradise 05
I Give My First Love to You 12
Romance from the Thumb 09
School Babysitters 06

Dewa Iblis Awan Api II No. 16

Oh, My Romantic Gumiho 06
Poor Princess 02

My Beloved Bodyguard
Love Is In The Air
Love Me
Magical X Miracle 1
Magical X Miracle 2
Magical X Miracle 3
Magical X Miracle 4
Magical X Miracle 5
Magical X Miracle 6  (end)
Mail Girlfriend 1
Mail Girlfriend 2
Mail Girlfriend 3
Mail Girlfriend 4
Mail Girlfriend 5 (tamat)
Loves Me, Loves Me Not, Loves Me 01
Loves Me, Loves Me Not, Loves Me 02
Loves Me, Loves Me Not, Loves Me 03
Hack// G.U.+  01
Hack// G.U.+  02
Hack// G.U.+  03
Hack// G.U.+  04
Hack// G.U.+  05


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