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Kategori : KOMIK ELEX
Yashio and  Mikumo 01
SC: Help!
Hunter X Hunter 04
Slam Dunk Deluxe 21
Kenji 05 (Premium)
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle 27
Crime Edge 03
Twin Spica 04
Cute Children 22
Summer Storm! 08

Majalah Nakayoshi 2013 / 10

Kategori : LEVEL KOMIK
LC: Deadman Wonderland 04
LC: Ouroboros 03
LC: Bloody Monday Season 2 05
LC: Gourmet! 08
LC: Secretive Ai 04

Kategori : KOMIK M&C
Girls Club’s Romance
My First Boyfriend
Love Strikes Back
Heaven’s Sonata
The Bean Sprout Boy and The Seed Girl
My Dearest Pochi 5

A Girl’s Melancholy
I Love the Yakuza Girl!
Heart Curtain
Depends on a Kiss
Dearest Love
My Brother is a Heartthrob
Love After School
Let’s Meet at The Clinic
Love Drops
X- DAY 01
X- DAY 02
The Beginning of Summer
The First One
Love Comic Lesson
1/2 Love
Bad Boy’s Lover
Love is Blind
The Lady and The Lake Mirror


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