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Kategori : KOMIK ELEX
One Piece 68
Beelzebub 04
New Kung Fu Boy 04 (Premium)
Slam Dunk Deluxe 19
Doraemon 24 (Terbit Ulang)
Demon King 37
Baby Steps 02
Buyuden 05
Twin Spica 02
Faster Than A Kiss 06
Soul Gadget Radiant 03
Arata 05
Be Good 04
Gogogo To The West 08

Kategori : LEVEL KOMIK

LC: Yugo in Philippines ODA 01
LC: Airgear 36
LC: Giant Killing 18
LC: Bloody Monday Season 2 04
LC: Rumiko Takahashi`s Theatre 2
LC: Veritas 04
LC: Gourmet! 06
LC: Secretive Ai 03
LC: Tableau Gate 04
LC: A Spirit of The Sun Founding The Nation 4
LC: Ami Non Stop 09
LC: Cesare 09
LC: Exit 10

ROMIC – euROpean coMIC
LC: Ric Hochet – Hilangnya Sang Idola
LC: Tanguy & Laverdure – Misi Pertama

Kategori : KOMIK M&C

Bakuman 04
Finding My Prince
Teen’s Blues
Kuroko’s Basketball 04
Minimum Queen
Kiddie Punch
D.Gray-man 04
Psychic Detective Yakumo : Alternate Story 07
Asari-Chan 10
Kobato  – The Miracle Girl – 05
Yona, The Girl Standing in the Blush of Dawn 8
I Give My First Love to You 11
Romance from the Thumb 08
School Babysitters 05

Oh, My Romantic Gumiho 05
My Pretty Boreumi 05
Poor Princess 1

Dewa Iblis Awan Api II No. 15
The Creation of  Magical  Weapon 01

Paket box
Paket box Shanaou Yoshitsune – Genpei War  01 – 06
Paket box Shanaou Yoshitsune – Genpei War  07 – 12

Please, My Prince!
Girl’s Love Story
My Beloved Tailor
Let’s Share Our Secret
My Nerdy Girl
No Secret in 1.8M
Crown Latte
St. Valentine’s Body Guard
Cute Girl Uniform
High Speed Love
Suki Suki Darling
Kirarin Revolution Color
Triangle Love
Pure Heart Lovers 01
Pure Heart Lovers 02
Pure Heart Lovers 03
Cherry  is Everywhere # 1
Cherry is Everywhere 2
7 Centi! Love & Friendship 1
7 Centi! Love & Friendship 2
7 Centi! Love & Friendship 3

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